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FBPWN “ Professionalism for Empowerment”

Business and Professional Women Nepal (the then Business and Professional Women’s Club,1972) is an independent, pioneer, non-profit voluntary social professional NGO organization of the working women from different professions and businesses inclusive of all levels. It serves as a common forum to articulate the interests and issues of women/youth particularly those related to working women. It also works towards creating institutional linkages between organizations concerned with women/youth development. It has adopted its strategy of empowering women/youth through launching various socio-economic activities ,working as an advocacy group on sensitizing gender equality and equity, good governance ,awareness on health, hygiene, water and sanitation, women human rights ( socio-economic and cultural rights).Through its Polytechnic job oriented trainings it offers women and youths an opportunity to develop their professional, social and intellectual skills ,and increase their values in the workforce.

The main goal of BPW Nepal is Socio-Economic empowerment of women and inclusive. It ensures its members to become outstanding and shine in their professions and businesses.

BPWNepal executes through its Executive Committee in the centre and through Chapters and Units at the district and local level to outreach the grassroots youths and women communities.


The history of FBPWN dates back to early nineteen seventies. It was founded in 1972 as Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPWC) with the initiation of Mrs. Ambica Shrestha along with Ms. Lucille Dunham of IFBPW and a handful of other women from different businesses and professions. It was first registered as BPWC in the government in 1975. With the establishment of Chapters, it was re-registered as Federation of Business and Professional Women Nepal (BPW Nepal) in 1991.It has been a member of International Federation of Business and Professional Women (IFBPW) since 1985. It is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council ,Nepal.


To see women from any background are socio-economically empowered.


- To encourage women to enter the workforce and enhance their professional/business skills by providing a forum for dialogue, organizing different activities, and working as an advocacy group.

- To increase working women's participation in national development through their efficient professional and business services.

- To organize and develop professional skills of women through different kinds of professional and job oriented trainings.

- To encourage academically deserving and economically underprivileged young women to pursue their studies.

- To increase the literacy rate of women by promoting and providing a relevant functional literacy programme through its Chapters.