Building Professionalism for Empowerment

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Pioneering initiatives and achievements

  1. Succeeded in individualising income tax assessment of women against joint assessment by the government and has been in enforcement since 1980.
  2. The first NGO to be sponsored by UN and other agencies.
  3. Pioneer organization in translating the legal provision of DCC in the Industrial Estates/Districts into reality and also in bringing awareness of the need of such Centres for working women. Since the inception of a DCC in the Patan Industrial Estate(PIE) by BPWNepal in 1979 , many such Centers are now available in the country.
  4. First organization to advocate "breast feeding" as the right of children in Nepal in the DCCs and succeeded to get the issue realized in Nepal labour law .
  5. First organization to start pre-school along with DCC (Day Care Centre) for the children out from DCC and before they are eligible to go to the primary school, with the sponsorship of the UNFPA.
  6. Initiated an establishment of Women Employment Service Centre with the assistance of the National Population Commission in1984. It has helped unemployed educated women to find suitable jobs through contacts, correspondences, and advertisements.
  7. First organization to run the Secretarial and Office Management Training for Women in the country in late eighties with the assistance of USAID & VSO, and bringing awareness of the importance of such training in the country to have efficient and confident secretaries in any organization.
  8. First NGO to be registered by the government in 1975.
  9. First organization to establish Family Health Clinic with major emphasis on healthy clinic environment, health counseling, Health education beside  regular health services , outdoor surgery, family planning and child immunization even before the establishment of private nursing homes in Kathmandu.
  10. First organization to run specific Professional and Intensive Marketing Training for Women with the assistance of CCO (Canadian Cooperation Office)  and CECI  with success for women to prepare them to enter in the male domain where very few of them had carved a niche for themselves.