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Our Activities

Areas of working:

BPWNepal always ventures to work in new areas in a pilot scale and helps in bringing awareness of the need of such activities. Once such programs get initiated in large scales by others, it switches on to other new area.

New venture program

Women literacy; Life skill training ; Professional training; Business training; Advocacy on Gender equality/equity, Women's health rights including other human rights(socio-economic and cultural rights),Good governance; Awareness programmes on: Climate / environmental change impact on women's livelihood, Health, Hygiene and Water and Sanitation, Child care, Income generating activities and promoting Enterprises and professionalism.

FBPWN Fund Sources: The Business and Professional Women Nepal being a nonprofit and voluntary social organization relies entirely on the efforts of its volunteers. Funds come from the membership fees, organization's activities, various donor agencies, and the support of its sponsors and members.

List of Activities:

Candle Lighting Ceremony & Celebration of March 8


Celebration of March 8, Candle Lighting Ceremony

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Around the Micro Credit Activities Run by BPW Patan


Various activities are being carried out in our centers from Lalitpur. We try to list few success stories among them.

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