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BPW Nepal Projects

Skill Development & Social Empowerment of Girls and Women Project :

The Skill Development & Social Empowerment of Girls and Women Project is five years’ started in February 2021 and ends December 2025. The Project implemented by BPW Biratnagar/BPW Nepal with broader objective of advancement of girls and women from marginalized communities through education, informal education, skill development, and socio-economic empowerment training. The project is designed to create a sustainable impact with leading earning opportunities and advancement of girls and imprisoned women in Morang District. It has two basic components:

Component I - Project for Girls and women of Madan Nagar Basic School :

The project implemented with themes of “learn and earn”, the objective of this project to provide informal education and life skill development training besides school curriculum. The targeted to girls of grade 6, 7 and 8 aged between 12 to 15 years. This school is co-education and majority are girls who students belong to under vulnerable communities. It has provided girls with an opportunity of learning and earning opportunities as extra curriculum activities. This is an on-going project. The girls’ started earnings by making dresses for children and women. The money earned by selling their products goes to the bank account opened for each girl. At the end of grade 8 they will have a substantial amount of money they earned to support their higher education and works as seed money for startup their small business. Some Photos of Project Activities: "Click Here"

Component II - Project for women in jail :

The project was implemented in Morang District Jail targeting 90 women prisoners in Women Cell. The theme of “dignified life for jailed women”. Most of them are illiterate and vulnerable communities. This is an on-going and it has four elections as a package – literacy numeracy and simple calculations, life skills development and socio-economic empowerment training. Following literacy there got training on skill development and socio-economic empowerment training and trained in different skill like stitching of clothes for children and women, cotton sanitary pads and soft toys making and incense sticks. They can do simple business accounts and track their small business. Their products are sold outside the jail open as the shop for the visitors/staff. Some Photos of Project Activities: "Click Here"

Poverty reduction through Socio-economic Activities Project :

The three years project (2007 – 2010) funded by Leger Foundation, Canada is being implemented in two districts of Nepal - Parsa (Birgunj) and Morang (Biratnagar). It includes women literacy, skill training, social/legal/human rights and small business development trainings. These trained women are able to carry on saving /credit practices and establish cooperative at the end of the program. The first phase of the project (2002 – 2006) has already been successfully completed in three Village Development Committees of districts – Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The project was continued in 2011 with special focus on development of female youths as electro/mechanical service providers through various non-traditional skills training and social/legal awareness trainings.

Business Service Center (BSC) Project :

Four Years project (2008–2012) with technical assistance of the Italian Association for Women in Development (AIDOS) and co-financed by the European Union (EU). The aim of the project is to enhance women’s active role in the labour market through upgrading of existing micro enterprise run by women into more viable, self-sustainable and growth - oriented businesses and through creation of new ones. It acts as a counseling / training / business development center to support women led subsistence income generating activities. It has five working areas viz Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur, and Nuwakot Districts.

Micro-credit for women Project :

It is implemented through the Chapters. The micro-credit program trains women in saving/credit utilization and mobilization of their own saving and loan. BPW Nepal Chapters work as financial and social intermediaries by providing small loans by forming cooperatives. The low income group women have been running small enterprises by taking loans.