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Workshops, Seminars and Training

BPWNepal periodically organizes workshops, seminars, and interaction programs on women's issues, such as health/nutrition, education, employment, leadership development, capacity building, community development, gender issues, human rights and so on.

BPW Nepal's Polytechnic for Women:

It is located at HQ in Budhanagar, Kathmandu. Polytechnic offers professional and skill oriented trainings particularly for job needy women. The training curriculums are designed by the experts to enhance the skill of job seeking and self employed women with the goal of increasing women's participation in the job market/ self employed.

Past Projects:

Secretarial and Office Management Training:

The course was designed to provide young women the necessary confidence, knowledge, and secretarial skills. It also imparts business and professional skills. The five month course includes the computer training, public speaking, conversational and business English beside office management and account keeping including a work experience internship, allowing them to apply their skills to professional settings. The project was sponsored by USAID in the initial stage. Hundreds of efficient, confident secretaries had been produced. More than 95 percent of them are being employed in various institutions, business/ commercial houses, bilateral/multilateral agencies etc.

Professional and Intensive Marketing Trainings:

Eight months Professional Marketing Training and four weeks Intensive Course were designed to encourage more and more women to pursue career in marketing field.These courses cover practical marketing skills like Advertising, Price Promotion, Selling Techniques with Distribution,Retail management as well as Community development, NGO management, Business English and also training on current Computer software.They also include a work experience training component which helps the trainees to apply their skills to a practical situation.This project was then sponsored by the Canadian Cooperation Office. Hundreds of trainees have accomplished these trainings with great success. More than 80 percent of them are being employed in various business/commercial houses as Marketing/ Asst. Marketing Managers while around 15 percent are being self-employed.

Enterpreise Manangement Training:

The Enterprise Manangement training was designed to enable trainees to initiate and develop their own business (self employment) and impart specific skills and knowledge through training. The training methodology was based on participatory approach, including both theories and practical which have a crucial impact on trainees' potentiality. This three months course includes entrepreneurship development, marketing, book keeping, saving/credit (micro credit) practices, cooperative management, and business management.

Capacity-Building measures:

BPW Nepal has been conducting skill based training for displaced women and make them self empowered through job opportunity.

Scholarship Programme:

The scholarship pogramme was introduced to encourage academically deserving girls in schools to pursue their studies.

Day Care Centers:

Day Care Centres (DDCs) had been established in Industrial Estates / Districts at Patan, Balaju, Hetauda and Pokhara as its pioneer project to support factory women workers in retaining their jobs after having babies. These Centers also offer literacy classes and training to the mothers on topics related to childcare, environment, sanitation, nutrition and family planning. The administration and management of DDCs had already been handed over to the respective industrial management more than a decade ago with the technical responsibility of the respective Chapter in the District. The BPW Chapters are regularly supervising and providing technical support and sometimes even financial help.

These Centres at PIE andBID were initially established by the then BPW Club on its own, however, later on they got funded by UNFPA as “Family Planning through Day Care Centres ” Project.

Project Five - o:

Five International Women’s Organizations of which BPW International is one, had established a fund for assisting developing countries. Under this Project, BPW Nepal had jointly conducted non-formal and skill trainings for low income semi- urban and rural grass root women of Manmaiju and TokhaVDCs of Kathmandu District and Badikhel VDC of Lalitpur District with the Nepal Association of University women. Activities had also been implemented in urban areas of Kathmandu District.